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Your Home For Sustainable Transformation

Who We Are

What life long Does

What we Do

We seek to create and innovate technological solutions for lifelong transformation and sustainable socio-economic growth.

We achieve our brand promise through the commitment of our wholly owned subsidiaries.

Our Story

In 2016, we began the Lifelong Story by investing in structures and frameworks that would shape our today’s trajectory

our story

Who We Are

Lifelong Group of Companies Limited is an innovation & technology-driven corporation established to create and innovate solutions for sustainable socio-economic developments.

our story


Sustainable & prosperous lives.


To be a home for creative, innovative & transformative innovations that drives sustainable social-economic development

Strategic Objective

To facilitate Kenya’s most creative, innovative, transformative & sustainable solutions.

Our Culture, Values, & Operating Principals

We believe that individuals with energy, working well together, under great leadership, in a conducive environment for thriving, will do remarkable and extraordinary things


We acknowledge that our abilities and resources reflect a minimal segment of what is required to achieve our goals and that our impact is more significant when we work with others.


We recognize that most hard-t-solve problems can be resolved only through innovative and creative solutions

Market Attractiveness

We invest in areas and opportunities that will place us in a position of serving an under-served market.


Our focus is on expansive opportunities that maximize our strengths

Locally & Globally engaged

Our focus is aligned with the Vision 2030 & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Our expertise is acquired and built to streamline the implementation of our strategy

Evidence-based and Result-focused

We ensure that the Foundation only invests in programs and activities that are based on evidence and achieve measurable results


Our support is centered on generating long-term sustainable results

Our Business Model

Driven by our optimistic belief system, we seek to masterplan development of attractive enterprises in Kenya and beyond, as well as provide the commercial impetus for investors to establish cutting edge disruptive solutions. Our Business Model involves a solution development cycle consisting of 5 critical phases of value creation;


Feasibility Business Phase

Understanding the opportunity in the market and the potential profit size of the venture(s)


Concept Business Phase

Outlining the product value proposition and solidify the business case, design, and develop all necessary approvals.


Market Validation and Fundraising Phase

Reviewing the assumptions of the business case and analyzing the potential market uptake while sourcing the equity and capital funding needed.


Pre-development Phase

Sourcing all the essential resources and planning the cost of development, deliverables, milestones, and timelines.


Full Blown Development Phase

Launching the previously-developed project plan into action, while continuously monitoring progress.

Our critical value creation process involves;

  1. Invent strategic business ideas
  2. Solution & Innovation Master Architecture (SIMA) creation
  3. Draw third-party capital injection at the pre-development life cycle level
  4. Develop solutions prototypes
  5. Avail prototypes to investors as per the Solution & Innovation Master Architecture (SIMA).
  6. Pursue management of full-blown developments.

Company Profile

Lifelong Group leverages the power of technology to create and innovate solutions necessary for the building and transforming of communities through socio-economic projects. As the name suggests, our goal is to drive lifelong impact for happy and prosperous lifelong societies.